How It All Began - Crafting Unforgettable Adventures in Tanzania

Founded by Jafari Fulgence Msaki, an experienced wildlife tour guide, and a passionate explorer, Jafari Safaris is a gateway to Tanzania's natural beauty. As a Chaga tribesman, Jafari's commitment to hospitality and community shines through.

We invite you to explore the heart of Tanzania and Zanzibar with us, transcending the ordinary. Our tours encompass local town walks, iconic national parks, and off-the-beaten-path treks, providing a glimpse into the soul of these stunning destinations.

What sets us apart is our unique storytelling, influenced by Jafari's formal education in tourism and his deep love for nature. Our professional guides bring these narratives to life, enriching your adventure with intricate details.

Jafari Safaris caters to all travelers, offering private and group tours, family-friendly experiences, budget-friendly packages, and luxurious adventures. 

With charter flights to the Serengeti, you can witness the majesty of wildlife. Jafari Safaris transforms your vacation into an immersive journey, where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Join us at Jafari Safaris and be a part of our story, where every tour is a chapter in a tale of exploration.


The People in Charge

Jafari Msaki

Jafari Msaki

Meet Jafari Fulgence Msaki, an experienced wildlife tour guide and visionary explorer. With a professional background dating back to 2005, Jafari's journey has been an inspiring one, rooted in his deep passion for Tanzania's remarkable natural beauty. As a Chaga tribesman, he carries a sense of community and boundless hospitality wherever he goes. At Jafari Safaris, Jafari curates exceptional tours throughout Tanzania and Zanzibar, showcasing the heart of these stunning destinations. From local town walks and iconic national parks to off-the-beaten-path treks, his tours go beyond the ordinary, revealing the essence of these remarkable places. What truly sets Jafari apart is his storytelling expertise, influenced by his formal education in tourism and his unwavering love for nature. This unique approach is shared by his professional guides, who add captivating narratives and intricate details to enrich your adventure.
Stacey Scott Msaki

Stacey Scott Msaki

Guest Relations Specialist
Meet Stacey Scott Msaki, the co-founder and guest relations specialist of Jafari Safaris and the loving wife of Jafari Fulgence Msaki. Hailing from the United States, Stacey brings a unique perspective to our team, understanding the intricate details that international travelers truly treasure. Stacey's passion lies in creating unforgettable experiences and ensuring that every guest's journey with Jafari Safaris is seamless, remarkable, and filled with cherished memories. With her warm and welcoming approach, she bridges cultures and fosters connections, enriching the essence of exploration and adventure for travelers from around the world. As the heart of our guest relations, Stacey is dedicated to making your safari dreams come true, one extraordinary moment at a time.